The Institute of Higher Education mainly focuses on engineering education, higher educational policies, educational accreditation and evaluation, and so forth. The research of the Institute emphasizes the combination of theories and practices, exploring the unique approach to integrate education, management, and systems. Now the Institute has established the Chinese Academy of Engineering-Beihang Higher Engineering Education Research Center, Beijing Philosophy and Social Sciences Research Base (Capital Higher Education Development Research), providing amounts of valuable recommendations and suggestions to the government.


The Institute of Science and Society tries to strengthen the basic theories in philosophy of Science and Technology with a growing focus on science and social economic development, science and technology policies and management, history and strategies of aeronautics and astronautics, etc.


Workshop for Environmental Governance and Sustainability is to promote the interdisciplinary study of ecological, environmental, energy and other governmental, corporate and social governance problems related to sustainable development and the development and practices of sustainability science as they relate to policy and institutional relevant applications. The Workshop hopes to become an advanced platform for domestic and international collaborations.


Clean Administration Research Center is an interdisciplinary anti-corruption research institute with a broad international academic influence. It has long cooperated with domestic and international governments, and non-governmental organizations, providing policy suggestions and recommendations to prevent and punish corruptions for various governmental organizations and non-governmental public agencies. In addition, the Center also puts forward the Integrity Education among university students.  


The Center for Strategic Research provides the academic platform for collaborative research, and consultancy. The principle of the Center is to research China’s present strategic issues, especially the important and urgent issues faced in China in the course of modernization, so as to put forward China’s strategic research, and the development of China’s strategic philosophies. The Center has increasing visibilities both at home and abroad in the fields of China’s national security strategies, world geo-political theories, sea power theories, and “unrestricted warfare” theories.


Defense Economics Research Center concentrates on the theories and practices of China’s defense economic development. The main fields include defense economy and national security strategy, the development strategies for defense science and technology industries under the conditions of open policy, the efficacy and competition of defense enterprises, the governmental control of defense industries and the science and technology policies and management of defense industries.
Institute of Psychology and Behavior focuses on the theories and practices in the field of applied psychology. The main research fields includes: psychological testing and assessment, consulting psychology, management psychology, aerospace psychology, and engineering psychology.

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