About School

Located on Xueyuanlu Campus of Beihang University, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences is an interdisciplinary, research-oriented institute, providing approximately 80 undergraduates and 220 graduate students per year the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in public administration and education careers.      

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences was founded in 1997, and entitled to the School of Public Administration, the second name of the School, in 2002.      

The School emphasizes combining theories and practices, and social impact. The faculties and students are solving challenges in philosophyeconomicseducation and administration.      

There are 84 people with 75 full-time academic faculty members including 19 professors 40 associate professors and 16 lecturers and with 9 administration staff in our school. The program of Education Economy and Management was the first authorized doctoral program in liberal arts in BEIHANG University.  

We focus on the student experience and student success. A wide range of innovative programs like the Academic Salon, the Governance and Sustainable Development Forum, the Higher Education Development Forum, and Studying Abroad Program are offered by us.      

Dean: Cai Jinsong, professor      

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